Our Services

Our services can be provided under a retainer contract or ad-hoc service.

Contract service provides an ongoing support on an annual retainer basis and it is ideal for budget control without having to consider payment every time you make contact or for farm consultancy. All the services outlined below will be provided under the contract service.

1. Superior range of unbiased cutting edge technical advice on all aspects of ruminant’s nutrition and fertility management.

2. Unlimited access to wealth of experience on silage additives, moist grain preservatives, bi-crops, self reliant animal feeding, antinutrients, rumen microbiology, minerals/vitamins, dry/ transition cow management (including CAB feeding), metabolic problems, mycotoxins, fertility, grazing management etc.

3. Formulation and/or modification of feeds for dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep using a novel feeding program that identifies the need of all stocks on the farm.

4. Feed and forage nutritional and mineral analysis

5. Mineral check and formulation that is specific to farm.

6. Forage and concentrate assessment

7. Audit of herd’s fertility status and where required, expert cutting edge advise on how best to improve herd’s fertility.

8. A comprehensive feeding and production cost plan for farmers with beef cattle and sheep.

9. A complete farm plan and profit monitor for dairy farms

10. A second opinion on new and existing product range etc.

Our Ad-hoc Services

Our ad-hoc services will allow you to supplement existing nutritional or other management support with a fully independent and unbiased assessment.  This service is very useful if you want to do:

  • A complete farm audit plus report.
  • Feed formulation.
  • Blend formulation.
  • Mineral check and formulation.
  • Grazing and summer/autumn feeding plan.
  • Young stock feed formulation.
  • Transition cows feeding (partial or full DCAB feeding)
  • Transition cows feeding and feed formulation (other feeding methods).
  • Forage and concentrate assessment.
  • New product screening and evaluation.
  • Assessment of antinutrients in feeds.
  • Calculation of infertility cost, fertility monitor and management.
  • Farm plan and assessment of farm’s profitability (dairy farms only).
  • Feeding and production cost plan (beef cattle and sheep)

 Charges for ad-hoc services are on as and when required, daily or hourly basis and it will allow you to use our services for a limited period of time without having to commit to a retainer contract.

​​Interested in seeing what we can do for you? Call or email us to start the conversation. 
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