Our Ruminant Specialist (Dr. MB Salawu) is highly experienced and a hands-on professional with very strong understanding of ruminant’s production, nutrition and fertility management. He has previous experience of research/ teaching (in UK and USA), consultancy (in UK) and over 3 years of direct on-farm work in the UK.

He has an excellent track record and he is a well-known face in UK farming community, regularly invited as guest speakers in farmers meetings and to contribute to farmer’s journals. He has also spoken at several international conferences all over the world and has numerous publications in peered review journals and farming press.

Being truly independent, the real benefit of contracting the services of Ruminant Management LTD is that you will be truly taken care of by genuinely qualified and experienced professional and not sold to. Ours services are not commission driven and will be provided with integrity and with promise to deliver results even in the most demanding situation.

If you want to grow your dairy, beef or sheep enterprises and have access to different skills, Contact us (admin@ruminantmanagement.com or Tel. +44 7970876372). What have you got to loose? 

Silage Quality is Vital for Profit

Conserved forages are cheap and because of their influence on the extent of farm’s profitability, they are considered to be the most important feed on most farms. Coincidentally, they are also the only feed on the farm that you have a significant level of control over.

It is almost impossible to make good quality silage without some form of intervention. The consequences of bad weather at harvest are for example unavoidable. However, measures should be taken to prevent avoidable consequences like mycotoxins, loss of nutrients, fermentation by bad bugs, aerobic instability etc…

An investment in silage additive is therefore considered to be the smartest, smallest and arguably, the most important investment you will be making every year. That's right, "it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, that farmers are throwing money away by not using silage additive." I know you've read or heard it a million times but it's true.  

But, are you using the right silage additive? It is undeniably a trying proposition when farmers have to choose from dozens of different products that all claim to do the same thing. The fundamental reason to invest in silage inoculants is to improve the feeding value and aerobic stability of the silage at feedout.

Unfortunately, not all silage additives available in the market are equipped to perform these fundamental roles. That is why Integrated Ruminant Nutrition researched the market and endorsed ADDCON’s KOFASIL range of silage additives. All Kofasil range of silage additives have been tried and tested under the UK condition and they all carry the German Agricultural Society (DLG) SEAL OF APPROVAL. 

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KOFASIL®DUO         KOFASIL®S           KOFASIL®LIFE        KOFASIL®LIFE M                   


Example Clients

1. Aspatria Farmers Limited (a farmers cooperative), Cumbria UK
2. Berryfields Farm, Daventry, Northamptonshire (Beef).

3. Welby Grange Farm, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire (Beef).
4. Ribton House Farm,  Workington, Cumbria (Dairy).
5. Low Tarns Farm, Silloth, Cumbria (Dairy).
6. Nishat Dairy (PVT) Farm, Pakistan
7. Crosby House Farm, Crosby, Maryport, Cumbria (Beef).
8. Top Farm, Pailton, Near Rugby, Warwickshire, UK (Beef).
9. Dunraw Farm, Wigton, Cumbria (Dairy).
10. Allerby Hall Farm, Allerby, Aspatria, Cumbria (Beef).

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